Veterinary personal statements

It's that time of year that personal statements are being done, especially with veterinary applicants. For those applying this year to start in 2018, the deadline is 15th October. This time last year, I was stressing that I hadn't done enough work towards writing it because I was out doing work experience all day. Thankfully,... Continue Reading →


Letter to my 12 year-old self

Dear 12 year-old me, Don't worry about starting secondary school. You WILL make friends and lots of them. There'll be lots of new people to get to know and they're all as nervous as you about starting a new school. People are going to get to know you for you. ¬†You are going to get... Continue Reading →

Crufts: good or bad? Part 2

Hi! I'm sorry I haven't put anything up for a while; I've been focusing on my exams. My last exam was last Tuesday and I'm a lot less stressed now! From now on, I'm going to post at least once a week. A while ago, I put up a post about Crufts and the good... Continue Reading →

What is Easter?

Today is Easter Sunday, one of the most holiest, if not the holiest, days for Christians. If you haven't grown up within the Christian tradition, we believe that Easter Sunday is when Jesus rose from the dead, after being crucified by the Romans on Good Friday. On that first Easter morning, some of Jesus' female... Continue Reading →

Spring’s arrived!

Sorry I haven't posted anything in a while, I haven't known what to write. But I thought I'd do something about spring! Nice weather, at least at times in the UK, has finally arrived. That must mean one thing in the veterinary/farming calendar: lambs and kids (the baby goat kind, not small annoying children). I... Continue Reading →

What does the future hold?

I'll admit that I stress a lot about the future: will I get into vet school?, will I get the grades?, what accommodation should I apply for? etc. These are probably quite normal for teenagers who are hoping to go off to uni in the upcoming months. People my age, including me, also get very... Continue Reading →

Crufts: good or bad? Part 1

I wasn't able to write a post on Saturday because I was at Crufts all day. It was the first time I'd ever been to Crufts and it was very overwhelming. There were so many people there, as well as lots of dogs! I couldn't believe the scale. There are pros and cons of big... Continue Reading →

Type of veterinary careers

There are many different careers you can go into once you graduate from vet school, not 'just' being a vet dealing with small furries. I'm not claiming to be an expert on all the possible careers vet students go into after vet school, as I haven't even started vet school yet. Because all of the... Continue Reading →

A collection of thoughts

Before I get started, this isn't going to be preachy or judgmental. I'm going to use this as a chance to reflect, using my Christian faith as a basis. I was looking through the Bible verses for the day on my Bible app and this was the one for the 23rd February. I think it... Continue Reading →

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